Welcome to Global Kite Spots. One of the largest, constantly updated and maintained online resources for kitesurfers planning their next kitesurf holiday.

If you’re a kiteboarder and you’re planning your next kitesurf trip, you’ve come to the right place. Global Kite Spots lists kitesurfing destinations by month, not by region. Most of us don’t plan our holiday around a kitesurf spot – We plan it around the time we’re free to go.

So why are most kitesurf spot guides starting with the destinations? It seems that they are aimed toward kiteboarders who have a specific kite spot in mind. Of course you can do the same here. If you know where your next kitesurf destination will be, and want to learn more about this region, go to the Regions section and you have over 100 destinations listed alphabetically, from ABC-islands to Vietnam.

But more commonly the question is ‘Where is it windy in the world in January?’ Or July? Or November? Simply click on the month you’re interested in, and a comprehensive list of kitesurf regions are listed, based on peak, early or late season – Possible, thanks to seasonal prevailing winds and reliable thermals.

As always, wind is not guaranteed, even in the most reliable places like North Brazil, South Africa’s Cape Town or Spain’s Tarifa. But having said that, Global Kite Spot’s wind charts are based on both empirical and anecdotal data, and is constantly refined when new data is discovered. We are here to inspire and educate, so that you can find a windy beach for your next kitesurf adventure.