Global Kite Spots is a trip planner for kitesurfers

Back in spring 2013 I was thinking about destinations for a kite trip for the summer. I realised there would be places with windy peaks and windy lows during the summer months and needless to say I was looking for a place with strong and consistent wind. To compile a list of possible destinations I had to visit a bunch of spot guide websites assuming I knew what spot I was looking for. Well the problem was, I didn’t know the spot – I knew the months I could travel. Fast forward a couple of months and I can now offer a tool for all kitesurfers knowing when to go, but not where to go.

Martin Sandstrom. Photo by Jonas DahlMy name is Martin Sandstrom and I’ve been kitesurfing since 2009. It all started in the cold waters of Sweden and I’ve been hooked ever since. Nowadays I travel the world, exploring kite spots while writing about them. I own a watch brand called Gloriousdays (let me know if you want a discount ;)) and I’m nuts about pugs which is a pretty poor choice in a dog if you’re a kitesurfer.

Many of the photos you see on Global Kite Spots are kindly licensed under Creative Commons licenses. I mainly source these photos from where you can find the original source. Thy are listed on the Credits page.

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