Wind season: February – November
Air temperature: 28°C – 35˚C
Water temperature: 24°C – 29˚C
Wave spots: No

The Gulf of Aqaba or Eilat is a great kitesurf region thanks to its dry climate generating strong wind most of the year. Head to Eilat in Israel, Aqaba in Jordan, or Dahab in Egypt.

Aqaba and Eilat are deep water spots with a lot of space to kite. Great for beginners and advanced riders alike and not very busy. The water is wavy in the morning and choppy in the afternoon with small swell depending on wind strength.

Dahab in Egypt has a lagoon with shallow water great for beginners and intermediates. When the lagoon gets crowded there is an open water spot downwind of the windsurfing spot which is ideal for intermediate to advanced kiters.

Wind season

Gulf of Aqaba wind season

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