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Wind season: December – May
Air temperature: 26 – 30°C / 80 – 86°F
Water temperature: 24˚C /75˚F – 27˚C/80˚F
Wave spots: Meh

The Leeward islands is a part of the Caribbean, found between Puerto Rico in North and Dominica in South. Here you find homes to both kite loving serial entrepreneur Richard Branson on his Necker island, and wakestyle pioneer and Tona co-owner Andre Phillip on Antigua. Wind here is usually on the lighter side but consistency is good during the trade wind season. A trip to the West Indies would certainly benefit from some island hopping as you get to experience a variety of cultures, spots and local rums all within close proximity. The islands included in the Leeward archipelago are:

British Virgin Islands
Saint Martin
Saint Kitts & Nevis
Antigua & Barbuda

Wind season

Leeward islands wind season

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