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Wind season: November – May
Air temperature: 25 – 30°C / 77 – 86°F
Water temperature: 26 – 28°C / 79°F – 82°F
Wave spots: Yes

A lot could be said about Cuba and its kitesurfing scene. One thing is certain; people rarely complain after doing a kitesurf trip here! Kitesurfing is doable almost all year around, and even surfing is doable in the autumn. The best time to go for steady 12 – 15 knots Northerly wind is in the winter/spring. The tourism infrastructure around the kite-able North shores is well developed and you can expect resort hotels, flat water inside reefs and helpful and friendly locals. The more developed and established spots include Varadero, Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo.

Wind season

Cuba wind season

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