Tanzania on world map

Wind season 1: December – March
Wind season 2: May – October
Air temperature: 28˚C – 32˚C
Water temperature: 26˚C – 28˚C
Wave spots: Yes

To the average traveler Tanzania won’t go unnoticed thanks to its Serengeti and Kilimanjaro national parks. But you’re not an average traveler are you? As a kitesurfing water lover you’ll find plenty of fun even outside the safaris and trekking.

Most kitesurfing related activities will take place on Zanzibar’s East coast. Here you will find a large range of resorts and hotels catering to your need for crystal blue (tide dependant) flat water.

Tanzania has two wind seasons, Kaskazi (Kaskasi) from the North-East and Kuzi (Kusini) from the South-East. Both are fairly light winds averaging around 14 – 20 knots so bring big kites. Kuzi is a bit stronger and reliable and peaks around July/August.

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Tanzania wind season

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