Pansar Augmented – A smart watch for water and wind sports

Smartwatches seem to be here to stay. They quickly moved away from secret agent style childhood fantasies, and found their most successful use cases in health and sport applications.

Not a big fan of having my wrist buzz every time I receive a notification, I’ve always watched the up-take with a certain scepticism. But I can appreciate the ubiquitous data gathering it enables if you use it as a sport gadget (because I can simply not give up my collection of mechanical wonders and bamboo style pieces for an run-off-the-mill Apple watch).

Now, we have Pansar, who’s aiming to give us kitesurfers a smartwatch worth wearing. It allows you to set up live data sources for your local spot. I’d assume it also logs data from your session like distance travelled, so you can get value from it before, during and after your session.

Panser Augmented is now live on Kickstarter and reached its funding in 24 hours. Seems like there’s definitely a demand for more niched smartwatches.

Check them out for yourself!

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