2021 Annual Kitesurf Summary

Most of the year I write for you, my readers. Once a year I write for myself and indulge in an end-of-year retrospective. This is tradition now and turns out to be a lot of fun as I go back in the archives and see how kitesurfing changes for me over the years.

2021 was pretty routine, as it’s my third year by the UK South coast. Life here is good. And it’s only getting better and better. 2019 saw a lot of solo riding as I didn’t yet knew many local riders. 2020 made a lot of new acquaintances and gave me the social aspect that most sports benefit from.

This year I’ve bumped into more and more local riders and exchanged names on the beach. KA, our local spot in town is seeing more riders than ever before. Maybe 10 kites on a very busy day, which is still mellow but hits the sweet spot of a few riders out on any given day. Nice chaps too. Always up for helping out and having a chat.

Two kitesurfers riding at King Alfred in Hove, UK.
Clean sets for me and Gus to play in on a surprisingly mild March session. Photo by Benji.

Apparently 2021 was one of the least windy summers in ages. I felt that. Many sessions were borderline and quite a few runs to the beach ended up in no-gos or just a few tacks before giving up. Still, it feels like I’ve gotten out a lot. Can’t complain. Light wind riding is heaps of fun as I can push more technical tricks without risking injury.

I did very little flat water riding and thus very little unhooking. But nonetheless I added more hooked in technicality, grabs, improved loops and landed front2blind. Technical progress is still what motivates me the most in my sessions.

I broke two kites and replaced my trusted Nitro 5 for a Switchblade, and two sessions in it feels like an amazing kite for my type of riding.

Martin saving someone's kite board.
August gave us at least one full-on day. Lancing was boiling with activity! Photo credit: Unknown, let me know please.

In 2022 we’re moving away from our beach front pad. Not far away, but far enough to lose the sea view and those super spontaneous ad-hoc sessions. On the other hand I’m getting a car and have more freedom in riding other spots. You win some you lose some.

We had an Antigua trip planned for Feb, but now that’s been replaced by a super cute dog that’s joining us in Jan. I’ll take 2022 as it comes. Hopefully many local sessions, exploring new spots with the car, and nailing hooked in back2blind and front2blind.

2021 hard facts:

Days on the water: 45
Most used kite: 12m Krypto by far, followed by 10m Nitro
Countries surfed: 2 (UK and Italy)

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