Can you kitesurf in Jersey, Channel Islands?

A few weeks ago I took the quick flight from London to Jersey, the larger island of the Channel Islands, located just a few miles off the shore of France.

Jersey is probably mainly known for it’s dairy products and for being a tax haven, and there was definitely apparent wealth on the small island. Personally I was just looking for a nice weekend get-away from the big smoke and didn’t know what to expect. I was very pleased with the beauty and serenity I was met with.

The nature on the island is stunning, and for being quite small it offers a lot of variety in coastline and topography. The wind is like everywhere else in this part of the world; you never know what you’ll get. When I visited there was no wind to talk about, but the sun was out and a lot of people were surfing small waves on the West coast.

For kitesurfing there are mainly three large beaches that can be reached within a short drive from each other. The only wind direction that I think would be tricky is a Northerly, but part from that the islanders should be covered.

The tide difference is very large here, and I’d imagine that you’d get some very good flat water spots in low tide. Maybe these pictures can convince you to bring your kite if you ever have the idea to go and visit Jersey.

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