History lesson – Kitesurf videos from the early days

With kitesurfing being an extremely animated sport, and being born right into the Youtube age of internet it’s no wonder the most common media format to be produced and consumed is online videos. From breathtaking pro productions to more or less ambitious amateur GoPro footage constantly being posted you can almost fill your lunch break with new videos every day.

A typical kiteboard video is around 3 minutes long and contains:

A dubstep or hiphop soundtrack
A trip to the spot in a car/plane/longboard…
A rig and pump scene
Girls in bikinis
A bunch of almost identical looking tricks
A few slams

But this post is not about typical videos, it’s about four informative videos from the early days when people were experimenting the shit out of a sport that was being pushed and defined day by day.

Upwind – Launch of a sport

Best summary out there of how the sport was born including interviews with all the legends.

Globe Video Mag 1998

Taps into the same story as Upwind but brings additional footage and interviews.

Over The Water

Follows Aaron Hadlow when he was winning the PKRA world title year after year.


Old school action from not too long ago. Gives you a picture of how quickly the styles have developed in recent years.

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