Kitesurf apparel for proud kiteboarders

Kiteboarders are a proud bunch. We love our sport and the lifestyle it implies. If we see anything kite related we’re quick to point it out, and we’re equally quick at plastering our most beloved cars and non-kite related gadgets with kite brand stickers just to be sure we’ve covered all bases. I’m a kitesurfer and people need to know!

Given this obsession with sharing your identity I’m a bit surprised about the poor selection of kite surf specific apparel available. Sure, kitesurfing/kiteboarding is a relatively small sport but also an affluent one given the money people gladly part with to upgrade their equipment. Most kiteboard fashion brands focus on teeshirts and board shorts which makes sense I guess, but there could be a lot more – just look at the fashion industry of skateboarding and snowboarding!

I hope to see more kite related brands in the future so we don’t have to rely on the good ol’ surf brands when we want to prepare for the pool and beach parties lining up for the summer. For now, here’s a list of kiteboard apparel I found online. It’s not that great to be honest.

2019 update: Quite a few of these have gone out of business it seems. But I’m sure new ones have popped up. Maybe I make a new post about the state of kitesurf apparel in 2020 🙂

And if you ever thought that The Endless Summer represents everything amazing on this planet but you still wish to express your passion for kitesurfing you can grab one of these bad boys:

Endless summer tee

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  1. Super article ! Il y a aussi la marque Arnone ou Arnone project ( connue pour son design No Wind no Life par exemple…
    Je suis aussi étonné qu’il n’y ait pas plus de marque de vêtement de kitesurf…

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