Yet another kitesurf blog.

How did this happen?

Martin is blogging!?

I am. I would probably never start yet another blog in the already crowded hyper space if it wouldn’t be for

I wanted to build this service as I saw a need for it and thought many fellow kitesurfers would find it useful too. And since I built it using WordPress it was an easy step to add the blog part.

I came clean a long time ago, admitting I’m a kite addict. If Windguru is the most visited page in your browser history, you watch more kite videos than rom-coms (despite your partner’s efforts) and know what boots Tom Court is riding you are into kitesurfing on an extremely nerdy level.

This probably happens for a lot of weekend warriors (which I consider myself to be) when we get to spend way more time surfing the web instead of surfing the water. Since I spend so much time thinking about this sport maybe I should jot some of the thoughts and impressions down every now and then.

Some things you won’t see me write about:

  • What I did/ate/saw today (this is not a journal of my everyday life)
  • Links to the latest videos and news (I’m sure you already have your feeds for this)
  • My kitesurf sessions (they are the world to me but probably not to you)
Italian dinner
Tasty! But it has nothing to do with kitesurfing.

Some things you might see me write about:

  • Reviews of gear I use
  • Reviews of kite spots
  • Travel logs
  • Trick progression and guides
  • Personal development
  • News related to Switch Kites
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