Switch Element V2 is here!

Switch have now completed their cycle of redesigning their initial kite models. Switch have four LEI-kite models and the Element was the last one to come out of the factory, so it was also the last one in need of an update.

The Element is their all-round kite that caters to a lot of riders due to its versatility. It’s not for hardcore racers or wakestylers, but suits pretty much everyone else. It’s my personal choice and I’m quite happy with it’s characteristics. V1 lacks a bit of low-end grunt and the jumps are way loftier with the Nitro model but I guess you can’t have it all.

Element V2 Graphics


The design team listened to the riders and has improved the low-end, the de-power and introduced different line attachment points for fine tuning the flying characteristics. A few other nice features are in there as well but I’ll let you check it out for yourself at the Switch Kites’ website. I haven’t tried the V2 yet but I can assure you with my experience from V1 that the Element gives you a lot of kite for your bucks. A great, high quality kite for a very reasonable price.

Check it out here –> The new Switch Element V2 and read the reviews on the forum.

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