2013 Annual Kitesurf Summary

To sum up my kite year of 2013 I can say that it was a good year without injuries, a number of great trips and new friends made along the way. At the same time there is a lingering feeling of not having progressed with my riding as much as I would’ve liked to. I have clearly reached a plateau that has taken longer than expected to move on from.

More days on the water in the right conditions to learn, combined with focused practise is what I aim for in 2014. I am way more consistent with my landings, and I execute my rolls with more height and style compared to a year ago, but there have been small progress in new tricks landed.

I really wanted to nail good raileys by now but sadly I can’t say I am (I still need better pop and I’m sending the kite after the pop making me dangle too often). I was also hoping to add nuclear grab, surface pass and dark slide to the list but now that’ll have to come in 2014 as well. So my wish list for 2014 is the following:

  • Railey
  • Dark slide
  • Surface pass
  • Back roll to toeside
  • Railey to wrapped

2013 hard facts:

Days on the water: 33
Most used kite: Element 13m, followed by Element 9m
Countries surfed: 5 (England, Sweden, Finland, Philippines, Greece)

For 2014 I hope for loads of days on the water, one or two trips to the sun, focused trick progression and more involvement with Switch Kites. But most of all I hope to introduce and get my girlfriend hooked on this amazing sport and lifestyle he he!

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