2015 Annual Kitesurf Summary

Here’s another year summary. It’s been a year of changes, and another year full of kitesurfing. The UK summer didn’t see much wind but both spring and winter were good with new spots discovered and more style added to my tricks. My switch jumps have improved although still far from confidently executed. A few good trips done (read more about Sardinia and Turkey), and lots of amazing weekend trips around UK with the eminent UNKC crew, but still not enough flat water time to progress my unhooked riding.

With the new year starting with 3 weeks in St Lucia I hope to see a change to this, and finally pass the hurdle that I’ve struggled with in learning railey to blind. This should also be the year when I nail darkslide. At the end of 2015 I also changed my go-to 11m bridled kite for a 10m C-kite, so this’ll be an interesting trip into a new style of kite.

Finally I’m aiming to spend the spring/summer around Tarifa which should obviously be a significant upgrade for my kitesurf lifestyle.

2015 hard facts:

Days on the water: 48
Most used kite: Element 11m, followed closely by Element 15m
Countries surfed: 5 (England, Wales, Sweden, Italy, Turkey)

More action to come in 2016. See you on the beach!

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