2023 Annual Kitesurf Summary

And so it’s that time of the year again. The end of 2023 has come. On a personal level it’s been a tough one. A lonely one. But let’s look past that and focus on kiteboarding. It’s been a good year for kiteboarding. The wind decided to play ball this summer and we got plenty of good sessions with both strong wind and sunshine. Often we’re not that lucky with the summers on the South coast.

That combined with my ideal location, living across the road from our local kite spot made for some very spontaneous sessions. I kid you not, every Friday afternoon it felt like the wind appeared from nowhere, against the predictions of the forecasting models.

I could’ve logged even more sessions if it hadn’t been for Norwegian airways losing my luggage on my way back from Feelgood Camp. I also joined the cable park this year and got heavily into wakeboarding. Towards the end of the summer I had done so much kiting and wakeboarding that I started to notice aches in both arms and legs and needed to slow down a bit and let my body rest.

Feelgood was a hit also this year. Unfortunately I lost my luggage on the way back, which took months to locate.


All that riding paid off though. I progressed my skills on the cable a lot, and the air tricks I can transfer straight into my kiting. Yet to try it under a kite, but I finally landed railey to blind (blind judge in wakeboard speak) on my last session for the season, thanks to superb coaching from Dom, the cable driver. In the same session he also helped me land front roll and crypt and I can’t wait to continue this progress in 2024. Let’s see if I get the opportunity to try the R2B with the kite. It’s been my goal for as long as I can remember.

Another huge step forward came after swapping my F-One bar for the short North bar. Riding my 10m Switchblade on a 45cm bar made all the difference and gave me the confidence to start doing double backs and fronts both directions. I never did doubles right foot forward before. Triples next, I guess!

Where do I go from here?

2024 will without doubt bring change. I plan on staying in Brighton, but most certainly I will have to give up my ideal kite den. I’ll do my best to find something at walking distance to the beach, obviously. No kite trips planned for 2024. I bet I go to Italy or somewhere else around the Meds at some point, but no major trips this year I think. Instead I want to focus on spending time with my parents in Finland. My plans are more around progression. Finally land R2B, as it’s now tantalisingly close. Land triple back rolls. Land front to blind consistently. Maybe get a light wind kite in time for Feelgood Camp. My 12m Nitro simply can’t cope with the light breeze we often get in the Swedish summer.

2023 hard facts

Days on the water: 47
Most used kite: Cabrinha Switchblade 10m (57%), Switch Krypto 12m (26%)
Countries surfed: 3 (UK, Morocco, Sweden)

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