Evokaii Surf Hoodies – Surf apparel designed and handcrafted in Europe

Evokaii – Hawaiian for „Risen from the sea”

When Steve and Karolina used to work in Mui Ne, Vietnam as kitesurf instructors, they came up with the idea to create something that puts their passion for the ocean and wind into the everyday life far from the beach.

Quickly it was obvious for them that it had to be something that reminded of their deep connection with kitesurf and the waves. At this point they decided to make surf clothing. Visions of patterns, style cuts and special characteristics appeared making it perfect streetwear for surfers and kiters. The beginning of surf clothing was born.

Creating a surf brand

   „When we started off with our first surf hoodies in 2011, we didn’t know much about how to produce fashion cuts. We solely had the ideas and visions in our head how they should look and feel. Like everybody else, we started with products which were already out there and then started with improvements we wanted to see ourselves on them.”

The concept

   „First, we had to find a way and a concept, a hard point how we can start. We took apart our favourite surf hoodies and created cut templates, piece by piece. We reached out to our friend who studied fashion design and she assisted us in including our ideas and visions of improvements on the products. We started with little things like changing the pockets for the hands, create custom inline fabrics to contrast and style.

We really wanted to make our surf sweatshirt collection to be spacious and comfortable. Most of the hoodies back then were lean cut for your head. As soon as you have more hair, big beanies or scarfs on, they would be super tight.”

Passion into a surf clothing

That’s how hoodies with large hood and high necks came into the permanent collections, which serve the functions willingly better than average surf hoodies. The larger hoodie covers you even with long hair or a headphone while the high neck protects you from the wind and the rain.

Evokaii is currently working on delivering environment-friendly solutions surf clothing, as well as creating pro solutions for your stylish appearance on the beach.

Visit them at evokaii.com.

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