Where to go kitesurfing in the winter months – The best kite trip destinations for December, January and February

The cold and dark winter months is the perfect time to go on a kitesurf holiday. Not only can you escape the cold and forget about five layers of neoprene, but our winter also coincides with a lot of windy and warm seasons around the globe.

In no particular order, here are my top five kitesurf holiday destinations in December, January and February.

Cape Town

I’ve never heard anyone say anything negative about Cape Town, South Africa. Kitesurfers come here every winter year after year for the weather, food and atmosphere. It’s a very wind safe destination providing strong wind and big waves. The cold water does require a wetsuit but as soon as you’re out of the water the warm sun will heat up your body in no time. Cape Town is also home to the annual Red Bull King of The Air competition that is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.


This small paradise island in the Philippines has been a destination for kitesurfers and normal holidayers alike for a long time. It’s one of the most wind safe places in South East Asia, providing a big playground for all levels. The kitesurfing here is average with sea urchins, busy waters and small launch areas, but what makes up for it is the warm water, cheap living and great party vibes. Go to Boracay for a combined kite, beach and party holiday. There is good diving too.


On Sri Lanka the main kitesurf destination is Kalpitiya. It’s got two seasons of which the winter months provide slightly weaker wind than the summer season. Both water and air temp are in the high twenties. You can find both flat water spots and decent wave spots.


Facing the Caribbean Sea, Yucatan in Mexico hosts several kitesurf resorts. Basic and local, or high end and established; you can find all levels of comfort in Yucatan, and this in combination with good wind stats makes it an ideal destination for kite-obsessed families, couples and singles alike.

West Indies

The band of islands dividing the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean provide good wind in the winter months and allow the explorer to discover endless new spots when traveling from island to island. You can also focus on only one of the islands and enjoy the relaxed island life with the locals. There’s plenty of resources on the web if you want to find the perfect island for your needs, but a good start is my spot guide to St Lucian kitesurfing.

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  1. I wander why there is no mentioning of Baja califonia – Los Barriles and La Ventana for th winter months??

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