On a flying holiday with your kite gear

Beautiful kite beach in Europe that can be reach from Dusseldorf.

This is a guest post by Top Vakantie Boeken.

If you are an experienced kiter yourself and have purchased your very nice gear, you naturally do not want to rent everything at the destination. You prefer to take all your stuff with you on the plane! Fortunately, this is often no problem at all, so that you can enjoy the most beautiful destinations on your own trusted kiteboard.

In this article we explain exactly how it works to take your own kite gear with you on holiday when you travel by plane.

Departure airport

From the Netherlands you can choose from various airports in our own country, but also in Germany and Belgium. A nice airport that is not far from the Dutch border is Düsseldorf Airport. Flights to both European and intercontinental destinations depart from this major airport.

The easiest way to travel to the airport with your kite gear and other luggage is by car. Don’t forget to book the Dusseldorf Airport parking in advance. That way you won’t be faced with nasty surprises.


The costs for taking extra luggage with you vary enormously per airline. With some providers you can take it with you as regular luggage, as long as it is under a certain weight and is no longer than, for example, three meters. In some cases, it must be checked in under specific conditions. We list the most important airlines for you.


As long as it is part of your luggage, it is possible to take your board bags with you. If you take an extra suitcase with you on holiday, you will have to pay extra for it. There is a maximum length of 3 meters and a maximum weight of 23 kg.


If you fly with Lufthansa, it is possible to take your kite gear with you, although an extra € 100 is charged. It may also weigh a maximum of 23 kg and be no longer than 3 meters.

Air France

Many surfers advise against flying with Air France when you bring a lot of gear. This is because an extra €65 to €125 is charged for taking large luggage with you, depending on your planned trip. Just like KLM, there is a maximum length of 3 meters and a maximum weight of 23 kg.

Tap Portugal

Are you going kitesurfing in Portugal? Then there is a good chance that you are flying with Tap Portugal. There is no maximum length that your luggage must meet, so you can even take a longboard with you. There is a price of €50 up to 2 meters in length and above that a price of €100.


With Easyjet you can take one sports equipment with a maximum weight of 32 kg per person. The costs for this are approximately €80. Because they are very flexible, this airline is highly valued by kiters.

Tips for taking your kite gear with you

It is understandable if you are concerned about bringing your own kiteboard into the airport. Of course, luggage is often thrown around and you don’t want to get your board back broken. Here are some tips for you to avoid this:

  • Always take out travel insurance. If something does go wrong with your kite gear or with you, then you are in any case well insured!
  • When dividing your board bag, it is smart to place the largest kiteboard on the bottom. This ensures the bag’s strength, reducing the chance that something will break. The other boards and the kites and accessories can be placed on top of this.
  • It may be wise to remove the fins, straps and footpads to save space. In addition, you also prevent them from puncturing or breaking through your bag.
  • Still worried that something will be damaged? Then use pipe insulation foam or bubble wrap to wrap and protect the tip and nose. Often this is really not necessary, but if you want to be sure you can pack these parts.
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