Switch Kiteboarding C4X Bar tested and reviewed

Switch C4X bar laid out on a sandy beach
Switch C4X bar. A neat package, but maybe a bit too basic.

Back in 2017 I wrote about the Switch C4X bar when it was released. Now I finally had the chance to try it hands-on as part of my Nitro 7 and Krypto reviews.

The C4X controller is a quality product, but I had my concerns in 2017 and I still have them. This is my personal preference though and for your needs and riding style this bar might be perfect. I put together this list of pros and cons to make it easier to make the call wether the C4X is the right bar for you.


  • Lighter than previous bars
  • Easier to reassemble quick release than previous bars
  • Plastic coated depower rope will last much longer
  • More comfortable grip than previous bars
  • Solid build quality
  • Built-in floaters for a tidy clean look
  • Low Y-split for easy self-landings, but with the option to make it a high split
  • 20+3m lines out of the box
  • Trim handle can be looped around depower rope


  • Separate bar lengths (55 cm / 46 cm)
  • Can’t adjust bar throw and it’s pretty long so not for riders with short arms
  • Below-the-bar swivel/line-untwister is too small. Harder to use than V2/V3 bar
  • Built-in floaters means harder to replace if something breaks (line adjustments are fine as they’re done on the other end where the kite attaches)
  • Donkey dick is in the way when unhooking
  • Safety line isn’t on a bungee so is in the way when unhooking (the ideal unhooked comfort/safety solution would be what Duotone is doing)
Floater and bar-end close up on the Switch C4X control bar.
The materials on the C4X bar feel solid and good quality. It’s tactile joy to hold and use.


The C4X control bar is a solid bar with high ease-of-use for riders who simply ride and do basic jumps. Unless you’re ok with two bars, use either with 9m and larger kites, or 9m and smaller kites (9m is sort of the sweet spot where either bar length will work). Where it lacks is in its limited customisation, and not being optimised for more advanced tricks like spinning and unhooking.

The V2 bar is far from perfect, but the two length settings were great. That’s missing on the C4X.
Close up of Switch C4X control bar chicken loop and quick release.
The new safety system is very easy to reassemble after activation. I just wish the flag line would use the same solution as Duotone.
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