Visualising your dream lifestyle

Today’s post is a slight deviation from the regular kite stuff. It’s more of a personal development topic, but given the nature of many kitesurfers including myself I still consider it relevant as a subject to share and discuss. If you often dream of kitesurfing being a more prominent part of your life the tool explained here could potentially help you get closer to that goal.

Visualisation is a well established concept within NLP and goal achievement. The idea is to visualise what you want and by doing so tuning in your brain to accept it as a given outcome. By neglecting the doubts you’re more likely to reach your full potential. Athletes do it before a performance and “law of attraction” practitioners do it to keep them on the right path. The visualisation tool I’m about to share with you is a slightly different kind and used in more long term goal setting. It’s based on the belief that the more precisely you define your goal, the easier it’ll be to achieve it because your efforts can be more focused.

In a nutshell: write down moments you long for in your life. What does a perfect day in your life look like? Be specific – these should be moments that you’ve pictured yourself being in as a result of achieving something bigger.

Cafe coffee and morning work
The morning coffee with a bit of work. Photo credit: Tony Hall

Let me give you an example. I often picture myself sitting in a cafe in the morning, drinking my morning coffee and working on my laptop. As you can imagine there is nothing stopping me from doing this already, but the important part is not the act itself but what it stands for. In the example given this is a visualisation that represents working as my own boss, being able to work where and when I want. If you’re like me you might have a number of these visualisations on storage in your head without really knowing what to do with them. The key here is to use these as a part of goal setting and long term personal development and to write them down in detail together with what they represent. You’ll see that they might stand for different things than you initially thought. Ideally this will leave you with a list of things you want in your life; both specific moments and the lifestyle that enables them. By having a good understanding of where you want to be it’ll be a lot easier to create a plan for how to get there.

If kitesurfing is a part of that dream lifestyle more than it already is I suggest you try this method and figure out what you really want and how you can get there.

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